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『ロケット』 [乗り物図鑑㊳]

Jay revisits Gordon Murray’s lightweight car, the Rocket, one of only 55 ever made!
Jay Leno's Garage

『フェラーリ 365 GTB/4』 [乗り物図鑑㊳]

Joel Mogul never thought he’d own a Ferrari, let alone a 1971 365 GTB/4. But when an old Ferrari team mechanic assured him the red Daytona sitting on jack stands—which hadn’t been driven for years, had seized shocks, and had only gum and varnish left in the fuel system from the long-ago evaporated gas—was “a gooda car…A low milesa car,” he took him at his word and went in head first. Although the Daytona is famed for its pedigree on the track, where Mogul admits the car’s limits are well beyond his as a driver, he also savors the gorgeous 12-cylinder soundtrack for extended road trips, grand touring in speed and style.
前の2件 | - 乗り物図鑑㊳ ブログトップ