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『ビュイック Y Job』 [乗り物図鑑㉞]

VP of Global Design Michael Simcoe lets Jay drive the first concept car ever created—Harley Earl's Buick Y Job.
Jay Leno's Garage

『野ざらしのお宝たち』 [乗り物図鑑㉞]

Alex heads back on the highway to search a scrapyard for rusty gold! we bring back some antiques and an old Mercedes Ambulance!
Curiosity Incorporated

50 vintage cars have been left to rot and decay in a German forest. A collection of supercars have purposely been crashed into trees, buried in mud and placed on cliff faces by former racing driver Michael Fröhlich. Michael was sat down by his father at a young age and told to make something of his life by the time he turned 50. After winning a grand prix race in Germany in 1984, in his very own Jaguar XK120, Michael decided to collect one vintage car for each year of his life until the year 2000. His collection includes a Rolls Royce with a Queen Elizabeth doll at the wheel, a Porsche 356 racer and a Buick.

SE GOSTOU DEIXE AQUELE LIKE QUE AJUDA E SE INSCREVA NO CANAL! Para Ian Roussel, não existe serviço pesado demais ou sucata sem utilidade. Todo e qualquer pedaço retorcido do que um dia foi uma carroceria pode ser aproveitado para os projetos mirabolantes que saem de sua própria garagem. Ian faz mais do que modificar ou personalizar carros, ele os constrói praticamente do zero, guiado por suas próprias ideias audaciosas. Durante o processo artesanal e individual, o mais importante é ir além do que ele mesmo já fez e do que todo o mercado de hot rods, rat rods e automóveis customizados já viu.

The Wheel Network

Group B ex Björn Waldegard, Toyota Team Europe 1985 HongKong-Beijing Rally. 1986-1988 Mohammed Bin Sulayem, Toyota Team Middle East Championship winning car.

1972 Honda N600 Rebuilt With VFR800 Engine Project by : Cc runner
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