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『年齢メークアップ』 [アナログ特撮映画⑲]

In this excerpt from "Beauty & Age Makeup - From Script to Screen," Academy Award-winning makeup artist Bill Corso (Deadpool 2, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kong: Skull Island) teaches you how to apply old age prosthetic transfers (i.e. Pros-Aide Transfers, Bondo Transfers), including eyebrows, eye bags, cheek appliances, and even neck folds. Corso walks you through the initial prosthetic transfer glue down, using simple distilled water to activate the adhesive-based appliances, followed by blending the edges with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol, and finally powdering and sealing in preparation for paint. Compared with the more time intensive process of adhering a silicone or foam latex appliance to a performer, there's no beating the application speed, long-lasting adhesion, and actor-friendliness of Pros-Aide Transfers, originally developed by technical achievement Academy Award-winner, makeup artist Christien Tinsley. COURSE CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS - Applying Pros-Aide Transfers - How to Blend Appliance Edges with Isopropyl Alcohol - Powdering Prosthetic Transfers - Sealing your Appliances for Painting - Avoiding Trouble Areas During Application - Pro Tips: Avoiding Problem Areas & Working with Sticky Transfers
Stan Winston School

『プロが教えるエアブラシのコツ』 [アナログ特撮映画⑲]

DESCRIPTION In this excerpt from "How To Paint Creatures - Sculpey Painting Techniques," master FX artist Casey Love (Predators, The Thing, AVP: Requiem) shares his approach to detail airbrushing for small-scale creature busts and monster maquettes. You'll learn how to subtly accentuate wrinkles with paint and highlight sculptural details with color, as well as how to airbrush ultra-fine veins to add a layer of interest (and life) to your character creations. HIGHLIGHTS - Accentuating Wrinkles & Sculptural Texture - Deepening Recesses with Color - Defining & Coloring the Lip Area - How to Paint Ultra-Fine Veins
Stan Winston School
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