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『潜水艦の生活』 [ミリタリー⑦]

The Navy's submarine force is unlike any other community in the military, a small, tight-knit group of approximately 20,000 active-duty and reserve Sailors who spend months at a time sailing deep below the waves. Between their secretive missions and their lack of contact with the outside world, the submarine community is often a mystery to those on the outside.
from U.S. Navyさま

『米国の騎兵隊』 [ミリタリー⑦]

This combined arms live fire exercise or, CALFEX, is part of U.S. Army Europe’s multinational exercise Bayonet Shield, which builds combat readiness and displays operational agility in the Baltic region. Video by Spc. Brandon Keys. This multi-day training allows for mounted and dismounted attacks on desired targets, while maneuvering across Latvian terrain. Overcoming numerous challenges and obstacles gives these NATO allies a chance to grow even stronger together.
from The U.S. Armyさま
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