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『ネイビーシールズ』 [軍事㉜]

アメリカ海軍の特殊部隊ネイビーシールズ(Navy SEALs)によるミサイル巡洋艦での海上臨検訓練。
from USA Military Channelさま
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『新たな年を迎える航空隊』 [軍事㉜]

1st Marine Aircraft Wing has started to phase out the AH-1W Super Cobra for the AH-1Z Viper in Okinawa, Japan. The AH-1Z Viper comes as an upgrade to the previous AH-1W Super Cobra, bringing improved flight and weapons capabilities.

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Marines employ firefighting equipment and fight fire to rescue victims involved in aircraft crashes.
from Marinesさま

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