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『ターミネーター2-3D本予告編』 [シュワルツェネッガー]

I told you I'd be back! I was blown away by #Terminator2 in 3D and I can't wait for all of you to see it in AMC Theatres THIS FRIDAY nationwide! #T2in3D | BUY TICKETS:
from Arnold Schwarzenegger さん

『ヒューストン大学に呼ばれたシュワちゃん』             [シュワルツェネッガー]

I was proud to give the commencement address to the University of Houston Cougar graduating class of 2017. My message: don't ever call me a self-made man. Once you realize that you are the product of a lot of help, you will acknowledge that you must help others.
from Arnold Schwarzeneggerさん
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