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『南イタリアの廃町』 [環境問題]

In southern Italy's Calabria region, the ghost town of Roghudi Vecchio is not far from its former inhabitants' new homes, but the area's mountainous terrain makes the old village remote. [→] Subscribe:
National Geographic

『元号は昭和』 [環境問題]

A German camera crew filmed this record of family life in Tokyo 45 years ago. The children go off to school and father works in the factory. It was the start of the industrial boom in the so-called Showa time. Labour was still cheap. TV sets were hand soldered. Many parts were still manufactured in small home industries. Finally the family gathers again in their tiny homes. Futons behind the wall doors. A time Japanese are still nostalgic about. See my other 1000 clips by searching YouTube with 'michael rogge' Website 'Man and the Unknown'

An American educational film showing how the life of a Japanese family changed since WW2. It is surprising that in the film none of the cultural monumental treasures of Kyoto are shown. See my other video clips on old Japan and Kyoto in 1952. and my other 1000 clips by searching YouTube with 'michael rogge' Website 'Man and the Unknown'

Second and final part of an educational film for American school children forty years ago See my other 1000 clips by searching YouTube with 'michael rogge' Website 'Man and the Unknown'

A Japanese boy and his kite are featured in this instructional film. He fancies children's day. He visits Yokohama a viewer informs me by . May be viewers may enlighten me.
from MichaelRogge

作品概要 製作:東京シネマ 企画:板硝子協会 1958年 カラー 21分 山梨県南巨摩郡増穂町。暗い台所に光を1枚々々のガラスに寄せられた農村主婦たちの願い... これは1950年代後期、高度成長期を迎える直前の農村における主婦たちの協力による、1つの生活改善運動を描いた記録です。

by Bill Deneen Published 1963 Topics Japan Asia, industrial Explains how Japan's rapid industrial growth has influenced the way of life in the country and has affected the international political and economic position of the country. Suggests that Japan turned to industrialization to support a rapidly growing population on a small and relatively poor land area. Deneen shot the aerial shots himself alone, while piloting a single-engine aircfraft, pointing the camera out the window. As an extra, Deneen appears on-camera in a 3:53 non-distributed film, describing the significance of his three-part series on Japan, of which this film is one. Run time 30m Producer William Deneen Production Company Encyclopaedia Britannica Sponsor Bill Deneen Audio/Visual sound, color
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