『C-525/RC』 [ホビー]

Model: C-525 Citation Jet
Engine: Turbine
Wingspan: 3,40 m
Length: 2,30 m

『死者と共に暮らす島人』 [ミステリー・ゾーン]

On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the Torajan people believe that a person is not truly dead until water buffalo have been sacrificed at their funeral, serving as the vehicle to the afterlife. Until that time, the bodies are may be kept at the family's home for weeks, months or years and are fed and cared for as if they were alive. Some Torajans continue their relationship with the dead through a ma'nene' ceremony, a type of "second funeral" in which families bring out their ancestors every few years and change their clothes and clean their bodies and crypts.
from National Geographic

『凄っごぃミニカー』 [乗り物図鑑㉖]

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『THAAD 迎撃試験に成功!』 [続・兵器図鑑㉔]

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『USS フィッツジェラルドが乾ドックへ』 [軍事㊾]

コンテナ船ACXクリスタルと衝突したアメリカ海軍アーレイバーク級ミサイル駆逐艦USS フィッツジェラルド(DDG-62)が損傷状況調査のため乾ドックへ
YOKOSUKA, Japan (July 11, 2017) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) moves into Dry Dock 4 at Fleet Activities (FLEACT) Yokosuka to continue repairs and assess damage sustained from its June 17 collision with a merchant vessel. FLEACT Yokosuka provides, maintains, and operates base facilities and services in support of U.S. 7th Fleet’s forward-deployed naval forces, 71 tenant commands and 26,000 military and civilian personnel. (U.S. Navy video/Released)
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『63隻目のアーレイバーク級』 [続・兵器図鑑㉔]

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『米海兵隊員が富士山で人命救助』 [軍事㊾]

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『軍用ホバークラフト LCAC』 [続・兵器図鑑㉔]

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