『Typhlonus nasus』 [ミステリー・ゾーン]


TyphlonusNasus2CSIRO -.jpg TyphlonusNasus5CSIRO.jpg TyphlonusNasus4CSIRO.jpg TyphlonNasusGunther1887.jpg TyphlonNasus2Gunther1887.jpg TyphlonusNasus3CSIRO.jpg TyphlonusNasus2DJB.jpg from CSIRO

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『深海の営み』 [科学]

A compilation of video footage captured from the University of Aberdeen’s Hadal-Lander in the Mariana Trench from 5000m to 10,545 m deep. The large fish inhabit the shallower depth (5000 to 6500m) are rat-tails, cusk eels and eel pouts. At the mid depths (6500 to 8000m) are the supergiant amphipods and the small pink snailfish. The fragile snailfish at 8145m is now the deepest living fish. At depth greater than 8500m, only large swarms of small scavenging amphipods are visible. The footage was taken during the HADES-M cruise on Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Research Vessel ‘Falkor’.

Copyright SOI/HADES/University of Aberdeen (Dr. Alan Jamieson)

0:02 - Scavenging rat-tail eats bait at 5040m deep
0:15 - Large cusk eels at 4998m
0:23 - Large Decapod shrimps at 6010m
0:27 - Large cusk eel, called Bassozetus feeds at bait at 5040m
0:35 - A rat-tail, a cusk eel and an eel pout at 5040m
0:40 - A large cusk eel called Barathrites feeding at bait at 5040m
0:48 - A large supergiant amphipod approaching bait and starting to feed at 6141m
1:05 - Two large supergiant amphipod, one of which is being attached by cusk eels at 6141m
1:22 - Rat-tails, decapods, supergiants and snailfish at 7012m
1:31 - New species of snailfish at 7485m
1:40 - New deepest fish record of fragile snailfish at 8145m, with swarms of normal amphipods
1:58 - Swarms of amphipods in the second deepest place on Earth, The Sirena Deep at 10,545m deep
from Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen
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『CH-46 シー ナイト/RC 』 [ホビー]

2x Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight Tandem RC Scale Model Helicopter Demo Flight
Pilots, Heiko and Bernd Fischer
2x Rotoren pro Rotor je 900 umdrehungen
Lipo 12S 8000mah
Thanks for watching,comment,Subscriber and all Thumbs up.
from RCHeliJet
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『SR-71 ブラックバード/RC』 [ホビー]

Blackbird SR-71 RC Turbine Model Jet by Roger Knobel
from RCHeliJet
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『カリーニン 7/RC』 [ホビー]

Very rare RC Scale Model Airplane
Kalinin K-7 CCCP
Huge RC Model Airplane
Kalinin K-7 (Version 1930) von Rainer Mattle
Massstab: 1:11
Spannweite: 4,9 m
Länge: 2,6 m
Gewicht: 43 kg
6 Motoren ASP-91
6 Tanks mit je 4 dl Inhalt
1 Elektromotor mit Druckpropeller
Pilot, Rainer Mattle - MG-Buttikon
Thanks all for Comment,Sub,Thumb up and Share my Videos
from Switzerland greetings RCHELIJET
from RCHeliJet
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『ラファール/RC』 [ホビー]

Frank is flying his beautiful Rafale at the ICARE AIRMEET 2017 in France
Model data:
Maßstab / Scale:1/5
Spw. / Wingspan: 2.12m / 83.5"
Gewicht / Weight: 42 Kg / 92.6 pounds
Turbine: 2x Frank Turbine 180 (2x20 Kg)
Extras: Smoke system and smoke on the wingtips
from RCScaleAirplanes
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『スパイダーマンの番宣』 [ジミー・キンメル]

Robert and Tom talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming and Tom reveals that he went undercover to prepare for the role.
from Jimmy Kimmel Liveさん
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『ジャングル戦養成学校』 [軍事㊼]

United Accord 2017 is an annual, combined, joint military exercise that brings together the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) member states, partner nations and U.S. forces to foster security cooperation while improving operational planning and mission command capabilities.

Read more: US Soldiers enhance readiness through Ghana Armed Forces-led Jungle Warfare School
from The U.S. Armyさま
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『日本生産F-35A初号機がロールアウト』 [続・兵器図鑑⑱]

from CBC News/KyodoNews

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『ホットピット給油』 [続・兵器図鑑⑱]

from USA Military Channelさま
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『陸上自衛隊 化学科』 [自衛隊の活動(八)]

出典元:陸上自衛隊 広報チャンネルさま
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