『戦車の整備』 [軍事㊶]

Arizona National Guard Soldiers travel to Fort Benning for maintenance training with Active Duty Soldiers
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『エア・アサルトコース』 [軍事㊷]

The first ever Air Assault course in Kuwait began with day zero at Camp Buehring. U.S. Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen candidates begin the day with a two mile run in uniform and then attempt the obstacle course. Those who can complete the course move on to the next phase that teaches troops how to ready equipment for helicopter sling load and rappel operations.
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『首都直下地震想定共同訓練』 [自衛隊の活動(七)]

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『米韓物資陸揚げ軍事演習 』 [軍事㊷]

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『警察特殊班』 [軍事㊷]

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『RAM近接防空ミサイル』 [続・兵器図鑑⑧]

アメリカ海軍の空母カール・ビンソン(CVN-70)と強襲揚陸艦アメリカ(LHA-6)から発射される RIM-116 RAM 近接防空ミサイル。
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