『カー名鑑⑭』 [カー名鑑①]

Afshin Behnia, Founder, and Petrolista-in-Chief of the popular automotive website Petrolicious stops by the garage to show Jay his pride and joy, his 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale...
『アルファロメオ・ジュリア スプリント スペシャル 1965』
from Jay Leno's Garage

『BELL 412 EP/RC』 [ホビー]


『Love's Just A Feeling feat Rooty』 [Cute]

Love's Just A Feeling feat Rooty from Lindsey's album Brave Enough:

Song Produced by Zedd
Video Directed by Lindsey Stirling
from Lindsey Stirling

『T-50A FPS』 [続・兵器図鑑④]

Check out a recent T-50A flight in Greenville, SC, from a 360-degree camera placed in the cockpit.

The T-50A is purpose-built around 5th Generation thinking. The F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II have advanced capabilities that have never been available before. Advanced pilot training is the key to taking advantage of them. There is no more effective or affordable way than the T-50A to train the next generation of pilots to fly, fight and win. With more than 142,000 flight hours on the airframe, the T-50A is ready to deliver on day one.
from LockheedMartinVideos

『ハンドルの導入』 [続・兵器図鑑④]

Handle is a research robot that stands 6.5 ft tall, travels at 9 mph and jumps 4​ ​feet vertically. ​It uses electric power to operate both electric and hydraulic actuators, with a range of about 15 miles on one battery charge. ​​​Handle uses many of the same dynamics, balance and mobile manipulation principles​ found in the quadruped and biped robots we build, but with only about 10 actuated joints, it is significantly less complex. Wheels are efficient on flat surfaces while legs can go almost anywhere: by combining wheels and legs Handle can have the best of both worlds.
from Boston Dynamics

『M270 MLRS 多連装ロケット』 [続・兵器図鑑④]

多連装ロケットシステム M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System):アメリカ軍の開発した自走式の多連装ロケット砲で、自衛隊やNATO加盟国などの西側諸国で広く採用されている。
from USA Military Channelさま

『恐竜彫刻の作成法』 [アナログ特撮映画⑰]

In this excerpt from his webcourse series on sculpting dinosaurs, master paleo-sculptor Chris Darga shares his favorite tools for adding scales, wrinkles, and realistic texture to your dino-sculptures. You'll learn how loop tools, wax carving tools, stipple sponges and texture stamps can all be used to transform clay into realistic dinosaur skin!

- Loop Tools - Sizes and Shapes
- Stainless Steel Wax Carving Tools
- Tips for Customizing & Repairing Sculpting Tools
- Creating Small Scales with a Texture Stamp/Roller
- Softening Detail with a Stipple Sponge or Chip Brush
- Cooling Clay with Duster Spray

from Stan Winston School